Bridging islands with high-speed automated metro system

Connecting individual islands with the aerial/submarine metro system can provide new alternatives, accelerate the bridge-traffic, and reduce greenhouse effects.

Today cross-sea bridges connecting moderately distanced islands are popular in many countries around the world. However, for commuters or pedestrians, especially who live in one island and work in the other and do not like driving, crossing tens or hundreds of kilometers seems unfavorable, time-consuming and tiresome. Certainly they can take traditional public transport like buses or even trains by undersea tunnels (only a few such as Seikan Tunnel in Japan or Chunnel in Europe), but somehow buses are not as fast as expected, especially in the traffic jam. In addition, they usually do not operate 24/7, which can cause problems for commuters working late at night.

Hence, the island-connected automated high-speed metro (or movable passenger compartment/individual chair) system can solve these problems well. This automated system operates with chains of high-speed metros running in close-circuits; they are programmed to accelerate-decelerate within particular segments of the durable aerial/submarine tubes connecting the islands. When customers of island A reach the destination station in Island B and move out, the metro will automatically join the group of metros in B to make the opposite way to A. Continuously, the consecutive metros from A to B or the other way around will make the same routines.

All the operations will form strictly programmed close-circuit routines, which are similar to those of escalators. During low traffic time, especially overnight time, the system can be adjusted to turn underused to save energy and reduce operating cost.

With future advanced technology, very high-speed transport system will be much safer and less likely to affect human's health, thus opening ways for many novel transport solutions. As a result, this high-speed metro/passenger compartment/individual chair system can play a very efficient alternative of island-connected transportation for commuters in high traffic areas around the world.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Automated high-speed metro system can be alternative island transport solution for commuters in the future.

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