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Accommodation and activities for disabled people

This challenge is about the lack of proper hotel accommodation and activities in the destination for disabled people.

There are not enough options for disabled people in tourism and hospitality field in Lapland. It is difficult for them to stay overnights because they have not been taken into consideration well enough, they do not have enough facilities for them in the hotel rooms etc.
Activities in Lapland and in Rovaniemi are basically designed for healthy people with no limitations. Invalids or intellectually disabled people are often not able to participate to different kind of safaris in Lapland, for instance, because they can not necessarily move the same way and do the same things than “normal” people can. They might be also afraid of some activities and the hectic timetable. Also, they would not probably keep up with other people and the tight schedule of programs. Considering this, some safaris are almost impossible for the invalids and intellectually disabled people. Also in spa business disabled people are not considered enough and there is probably not even large interest to participate such actions; they need so much help from other people.
Consideration of these human beings has a lack which appears almost in every service. It is an immortal rat race – when there are no abilities, there are no markets and upside down. Building up one hotel room for invalid use from 151 rooms, by using the reason ”there is not enough demand for building more”, is obsolete and needs an innovation into equation. When having the abilities, by marketing this area would have an opportunity to expand.
It is very important to develop this area, because only in Finland there are so many invalid people and they should be considered more in tourism business too.

Research question: How can we make sure the disabled people get the best possible service in hotels?

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This idea is about establishing a high-quality hotel with all the proper facilities and services for invalid people and their companion in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

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