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Dust problems in paper manufacturing

Dust is released while manufacturing paper. Dust is causing different kind of problems in the production lines and that is why it would be important to solve how to decrease faults that dust is causing.

Paper company “G-P” became world’s biggest tissue paper producer in 2000. It has approximately 600 production facilities which are producing pulp and many kinds of tissue papers and household towels around United States and Europe. These facilities employ around 50 000 people around the world.

I worked 4 months as assistant operator in G-P’s tissue paper mill in Finland. Line 4 is fully automated production line, capable of producing almost every normal and coreless roll products made at the factory. My task was to operate the line 4 with another machine operator. In addition, I had to make sure there were adequate materials at the line.

During my practical training period I noticed how much some paper qualities release dust. Dust interfered with optical sensors in the production line causing several kinds of problems. Machine operators have to make sure that production will not interrupt, meaning that he has to repair and fix different kind of faults and errors at production line. After every night shift machine operators clean the line by blowing the paper dust away. However, blowing dust off after every night shift was not always enough to solve the problem. In addition, because of the safety matters, the rolling machine was enclosed and that made it even harder to remove all the dust from the line.

It would be important to find a solution how to decrease faults that dust is causing. It would possibly save time and money and make production more efficient.

Research question: How to decrease faults that dust is causing?

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