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“Global trade needs global changes. Let’s act – multimodal.”

Climate change requires the development of new trade standards to face future problems. Innovations in transportation have to get in the focus because the present solutions are not enough to apply the future demand. Companies should create Multimodal unit to become environmentally friendly and to gain bigger profits.

The changing of the climate is a global topic, which will have serious consequences for the world trade market. If the transport system we have nowadays will not change rapidly, a lot of trades won’t be possible anymore. We have to think about it. What do we want and what do we have to do to get it in a greener way. The main aspect to reach this or not takes place on the side of the forwarding companies, so maybe also on yours.
The most important point in the definition of the new global transport have to be a multimodal solution. The worldwide research of new transport-solutions says, that the most efficient way for handling door-to-door transport operation is the using of different means of transports. By using this delivering mode, it leads automatically to a number of operating benefits and to one of the main points in this report - less pollution. The bad consequences of the global warming already reached us. For e.g. the melting ice of the North Pole increased the sea level, which took transportation management into centre stage.
In the next few years it can’t be managed to update the entire infrastructure to the standard, which is needed already. It will be a process, which takes a lot of time, but it has to start right now. During the development of the new needed things, the existing possibilities have to be reconsidered. At first there must be a total re-organisation in the means of transport. The increased collaboration between the different means should take global stage in following decades. The way to this could be a intelligent and self organized It-solution which will prevent traffic jams on the most used transport ways. Another function of the program could be the connection of the different means of transport in every transport process to find the most efficient and environmental friendly realization.


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Research question: What would be the trends in the future transport generation; companies should follow to become a customer and environmentally friendly unit?

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(04 Dec 2011)
In my own opinion, The longer the distance traveled by vehicle,the higher the pollution.Most of this pollution is caused by every day people either going to work or young kids going to school.During mass holiday, there seems to be lower transport pollution.We can not stop people from working or going to school but we can control their movement if companies and educational institution encourage employment and educational accommodation siting. This simply means that schools should make it mandatory for students to live in accommodation provided by the school which are within the school premises. By so doing, students will not need a car or public transport to go to school.
Secondly, Companies and institution should build accommodations for their employee which is within a trekking distance from the company premises.