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Design and size perfect fit for everyone.

People can buy products based on their body measurements and dry how design fits before products are manufactured from designers worldwide.

Each individual is unique and he/she knows it. People can have goods that perfectly fit with their body and style easily. Goods that are made based on each individual body are not very costly. Consumers can try how different design fit, before it is produced. They can support design that they like and goods they want to be produced. They know who made the design and manufacturing.

Designers are able to present their work to the world easily. They are able to put every work they have made to market straight after design process and see how it is received by final customers. Designers can choose how to sell their work and how much effort they want to but other processes depending how much they want to benefit from different things they have made. They have global overlook what kinds of materials are available for manufacturing. Also where they can manufacture their work, where are the resources needed to produce design they make.

Manufacturers are able to earn higher margins, because they do not have to deal with so many middle men. They are able to make straight deal with designer whose design has received good feedback from final customers.

Opportunity: Designers and manufacturers are able to provide personalized products to final consumer.

Threat: Designers and manufacturers have lack of resources for final market.

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