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Let’s support uranium mining

Uranium mining has been viewed to be harmful. That is why demonstrators have protested in several cities around Finland. In our research we focus on the positive side of uranium mining and also the advantages of nuclear power reactors. We focus on creative ideas which can be acceptable and practical as well.

Uranium mining seems to be harmful and dangerous but on the other hand it can be effective and useful. Greens started protesting against this activity on the 24th of January 2009 in Oulu and also they have had demonstrations throughout Finland. Uranium generates the heat in nuclear power reactors and produces the fissile material for nuclear weapons. Protestors want the nuclear power plants to get shut down. From their viewpoint a nuclear power plant emits radioactive waste, storing the waste requires huge amounts of money and building up a plant costs millions of Euros.

In spite of the negative side of having nuclear power plants, there are many advantages from which the society can benefit from. Namely, they do not emit harmful gases, they have byproducts but only in traces, they can acquire the raw materials for a relatively cheap price and they can store and transport the fissile material easily. Moreover a country needs this kind of power resource, because nowadays, in our rushing society, we use up more and more electricity. Some disadvantages of renewable energy resources are that there are many barriers of having hydroelectric- and wind power station or solar cells, because it is hard to find an appropriate area where we can easily build up these plants (near fast twisted rivers, among hills or a place where the sun shines on most days of the year).

To give the protestors some suggestions, we have come up with three solutions which would require setting new standards for the factories but letting them exist at the same time. First, if power plants have air filters which cannot let the radioactive rays through, people nearby would feel much safer. Also factories need strict rules to operate by. But there is an easier way to have plants but stay safe and be environmentally friendly. Factories could be built far away from populous areas, this way they would not come in contact with human beings but would connect with the environment. To solve this problem we have come up with an idea, which suggests that factories should be centralized and relocated to a deserted area. Thus, the society, the people, would have electricity and only a little area would be harmed by the radioactive emission.
This could help Greens to accept mining uranium because it is essential to a reactor to have enough fissile material.

New Uranium Mining Projects in Europe

Research question: How can we fulfill the demands of the protestors?

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