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Proper English Wikipedia pages for Finnish Universities of applied sciences

Finnish universities of applied sciences should expand properly their English Wikipedia pages, not to look less important than other high education institutes and to gain more visibility towards Internet users and new potential students.

Only 3 out of 26 Finnish Polytechnics have a proper Wikipedia page, even though their relevance is indubitable. For such organizations, not being present in the most used encyclopedia in the world risks giving bad images of them to Internet users in terms of reputation and relevance. It could be natural to assume that an organization with an almost empty Wikipedia page could be inferior to other high education institutes. There is no risk in expanding such English Wikipedia pages, if done in the correct way, since there are cultural benefits for the encyclopedia itself, image and reputation gains for the Polytechnics and best information retrieval results for people interested in knowing more about the institution. The timeframe for the project is quite short, considering that people should focus only on the institute most relevant for them and contribute to their pages in a group, after having investigated and verified the details to insert, following the template of the most famous universities already present with a successful page. A critical phase, after completing this part of the project, is to check that English Wikipedia pages (e.g. the one about the cities in which Polytechnics are located) about related topics are correctly mentioning the institutions and linking to them.

There are, however, extremely strict procedures that must be followed during the realization of the project: need to follow all Wikipedia guidelines, need to pay attention about making cultural contributions while necessarily avoiding any kind of marketing or boasting. Wikipedia is an unbiased encyclopedia and any attempt to make it otherwise will fail. It’s better if people only related to the institutions (such as students) but not working there do it after the proper information retrieval, as it reduces the risk of unbiased entries. (Barefoot & Szabo 2009).


Barefoot, D. – Szabo J. 2009. Friends with Benefits : A Social Media Marketing Handbook. San Francisco: No Starch Press.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Need to expand properly Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Wikipedia pages in English.

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