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Leading companies must become the reference for other companies and promote fair and social standards!

Nowadays, most of companies are making profit, without thinking about the corporate social responsibility. But this is gonna change, thanks to leading companies.

Nowadays, a lot of leading and international companies are making a lot of profit, but most of them don't care about the corporate social responsibility.

Although companies exist only if they make profit, and that is their principal goal, they should more take care about corporate social responsibility.

It exists standards like the ISO 26000 which give to company a guideline to be more socially responsible, but it is a standard and not an obligation/law, so very difficult to implement in every companies in the world.

Leading companies have an important role to play:

I think that the leading position for a company, gives it the power to become an example, a reference to follow for the rest of companies. If these leading companies are good or bad references, will change everything and will have an important impact on the way of thinking / doing of other companies.

I will take the example of Apple Inc. in the High-Tech business, but in my opinion, it is applicable for each kind of business.
Apple Inc. is one of these leading companies in the High-Tech World, with very well know products, record sales, and a cash reserve of approximately $100 Billion. It represents the most successful reference and a real trend for all the business.

But recently Apple had several problems and critics concerning the working conditions and environmental problems of its subcontractors (most of them in China). Very well known media, like the New York Times revealed what is happening in these factories, and called people to boycott Apple's products.

It was very bad thing for Apple's brand image. So, they decided to react immediately to ease the situation, and also to communicate about their subcontractors.
They said that they were not the worst company concerning the social responsibility and environmental care of its subcontractors and that they really want to improve it, and do the maximum to become a reference and a leader concerning these questions.

After several days, we learned that Apple become the first Hight-Tech company to become a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA). And also that Apple will pay the FLA to make audits in their subcontractor factories to control and evaluate the social responsibility and environmental care.

An important "shock" was necessary for Apple, to become more responsible about the social responsibility in its subcontractors.

But, Apple was not the only "target" of critics, it was the main one, due to the size and the success of the company. But now, people and medias are waiting for changes in mainly other companies in this sector. And this has already started, many Hight-Tech companies have considerably increased the working conditions and pay more attention to pollution problems in their subcontractor's factories.

I hope that Apple will become a reference for mainly other companies, and will continue to improve the social responsibility and environmental problems in its subcontractors.

These leaders are very important for general awareness.

Research question: How to improve and implement "social responsibility" in companies?

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