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Climate Change

Vision for decreasing carbon releases.

In the future people need to decrease their carbon releases. It is necessary for the purpose of resisting successfully the climate change. Single people want also a feeling of doing something for the matter. Nowadays is spoken also widely of slow-life-movement. It means a life-style, which does not strain environment too much. It has been also generally recommendable to use public vehicles in order to decrease carbon releases.
My proposal is, that a single people would get worldwide exchange currency of using for example a train in stead of an air plane. The currency could be called for example "earth". The amount of caught currency would depend on used vehicle and it´s releases. So, the most currency a person would get of moving from place to another, would come by biking or walking. When calculating the amount of caught currency, must be taken into account the more contaminant alternative vehicle, that is possible to use. That means, that different distances are comparable. If a person nevertheless chooses a more cantaminant vehicle, he loses "earths". Probably it would be necessary to extend this exchange currency trade to other branches and areas in order to achieve results on worldwide scale. One possibility is to combine the use of "earths" with, for example, buying green energy. That is, though, hard to execute. A single person could use partly "earths", when he or she buys green electricity. This means naturally, that energy companies would demand also benefits. That probably requires, that governments need to be along with "earth" trade. Trade could concern any branch, which wants to be with resisting the climate change.
If such wider currency trade is not possible, could it be used within "earth"-communities as currency. Then the effect would not probably be so large, that means on global scale.
Consequences could be like as increase of fuel prices and airplane ticket prices, because people would buy those less. Trading with "earths" should benefit as well as consumers, co-operation companies and environment. My idea for future requires many refinements, but hopefully it generates more ideas.

Opportunity: trade concentrating on resisting climate change

Threat: too hard to accomplish

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(10 May 2010)
A very interesting idea! There are some examples of using \"local currency\" in small communities. They are called Local Exchange Trading Systems, see
In the Helsinki region there is also one, established already in 1995. It seems to work well: Vaihtopiiri: