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Innovative idea for solving lack of money --Green Microchip implantation applied to raise the environmental protection funds

Green Microchip implantation is intended to be applied in environmental protection, through the way of raising people's environmental consciousness to contribute the environment and conservation funds voluntarily, thus promoting the long-term environmental sustainability.

Lack of funds is an important issue of great concern to the government when tackling environmental problems. So the government has to make efforts to raise funds for environmental protection. However, a few people refuse to give money to the government and unwilling to contribute funds to protect the environment. This would worsen the government's situation of funds shortage. At this time, some solutions, like chip implantation seems to help the government get rid of the difficulty of raising funds. To be more specific, those people who are implanted with green microchips in which contain the information of environmental protection, will be willing to give money to the world environmental funds. The green microchips implanted aim to strengthen people's environmental consciousness, and motivate them to give environment and conservation funds voluntarily, and those kind of microchip is no harm to people, and valid forever, even could change person's Gene, then this will also pass to their children, never stop. Whenever the government is in the situation of fund shortage, they rush to contribute and invest money to protect the environment, and give great support to the environmental sustainability in the long run.

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In fact, that's what we image right now, and no references based on. But we thought that kind of chip implementation is already existed, but this kind of 'Green Microchip'--no harm and for developing the human's awareness, even could influence people forever, and for their chilren by change their Gene.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Green Microchip implantation applied to raise the environmental protection funds

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(18 Apr 2012)
New World Order, why not make people stop doing crimes etc. at the same time with the chip.
(19 Apr 2012)
that's a good idea, peaceful world,so ideal. But that may change their mind totally, and need to control everything, robots may work, no thinking, no human, no crimes.
to control people is not the idea of this green microchip, people still could think but with strong awareness of environment.