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‎3D movies are causing headache

Even if technology is now better, some people are still suffering from headache when watching 3D ‎content

‎3D has been in the history of cinema since the very beginning, already in the end of the XIX ‎century. It evolved as Polaroid invented the red-green glasses, and directors as Hitchcock and ‎actors as Vincent Price used the 3D system in their movies. The 3D is now very popular: there are ‎about 400 movies filmed in 3D, and about 5000 theatres equipped with 3D projectors. The ‎estimated amount of cinema theatres in the world is 43000, so 3D movies can be enjoyed in an ‎approximately 12% of the theatres worldwide.‎
However, watching 3D movies and 3D pictures with the glasses can be an unpleasant experience ‎for some people. When watching 3D content, our eyes are forced to do unnatural movements and ‎that causes not only huge headaches, but also nauseas and eyestrain. And there are issues that 3D ‎technology cannot face: stereoblind people (5-8% of the population) and people suffering from ‎other vision deficits (20-30% of the population) will experience the same problems when going to ‎the 3D shows. ‎
The trend is a rising in 3D movies production, as many cinemas want to offer an added value for ‎their customers, something that we cannot find at home watching the movie in DVD. So it seems ‎obvious that if the content in 3D increases, the problem related to 3D effects increases as well.

Research question: Is there any solution to see 3D movies for these people?

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