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Stirling Dishes as a method to slow global warming

Stirling engine combined with solar dish are really effective and clean way to produce electricity out of solar power.

Many scientific models show that in the modern world there is danger that use of fossil fuels, will increase global warming, and cause ecological and economical catastrophe. This is reason why clean power is needed in addition of old technology in energy production. Solar power is one good source of energy, because it offers clean and practically infinite source of cheap energy.
The Stirling Engine was created on 1816 by Robert Stirling, and over 200 years later it has proven to be one of the most efficient motors ever created. The Stirling dish works due the temperature difference between hot and cold. Now a days, there has been a change of technology regarding the heating process of this engine making it one of the green energy solutions: the Stirling Dish.
The engine is attached to on large mirror alike dish that focus all the sun’s light into one point creating a 750 °C temperature, making possible the piston’s movements.
Today’s Engines are capable of producing between 10 kWe and 25 kWe, having a efficiency up to 50 % of the maximum theoretical value, and with the combination of the Stirling Dish is the most efficient solar energy with a 31.25 % of solar convertibility.
Major draw back is that it cannot be placed on areas of strong wind, because of it’s size and shape. In these kinds of areas wind might cause damage to the Stirling Dish.
Energy companies need to find new more greener and more efficient energy sources for ecological aware consumers. Stirling Dish would be very appealing for this purpose.

Stirling dishes are ready technology to be used. Currently Stirling dishes are part of small scale production, but there are projects to launch a large scale production in the near future, which will drop the prices of Stirling dishes, making them more affordable.

Opportunity: If Stirling Dishes become more common, they offer green and effective energy source in the near future.

Threat: None

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