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Innovation causes loss if misused

We like to be surprised with new creation of science and technology. But what will happen if the innovation used in wrong way.

We the people always wait for the new innovation. We are very much curious about it. We create demand in our mind which is latent. We even do not know what kind of innovation can fulfill our demand but we look forward to see what is next coming to surprise us.

Innovation comes from sciences, technology, business and so on. These sectors try to be appeared having different or unique outlet. We become benefited when it seems to do something for the mankind. We have been faster than ever before in our daily lives. We can make our decisions very quickly because we are having a lot of options in our lives. And all of these are have become possible innovation. We can see our future because we can utilize out times properly.
However, We are also being threatened by it. The wars have been held since today only because of innovation. When a country is able to innovate new ideas then this announcement is making that country stronger and helping to misuse the innovation. It also helps the occupier to misuse the power. It is estimated that the earth can be destroyed in near future because of technological advancement. And apparently innovation is liable for this. The people are becoming crazy about the power. Therefore, we must say innovation can be responsible to present us either new successful future or destruction.

Opportunity: We can enjoy a flavor of real implementation of innovation

Threat: We can be misled or dominated by innovator and innovative things

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