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Illegal downloaders

Illegal downloading is general, specially among youngsters.

We can download illegally or legally everything on the Internet: music, movies and TV-series. These days illegal downloading is youngsters’ most common crime ( According to The National Research Institute on Legal Policy two out of third 15-16- year- olds announced that they downloaded illegal files at least one time in 2008. Most parents should know better and want to know what their kids are doing on the Internet. Therefore Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) in Finland is helping parents by offering a program, that can investigate if your computer have programs that are used in illegal downloads or have without permission dispensation files (

Although the surveillance is still weak in Finland, CIAPC’s target is to add the risk of getting caught. In Great Britain operators are planning to send warnings to people (CNET News 2010). If Internet connection is being used to download illegal files, the Internet might be cut off from Web users ( 2009). In France the Senate approved a draft of a proposed law whereby monitoring agency send a cease and desist notice to Web users who illegally download media (Time 2009). I wonder are those preceding ways really helpful to stop illegal downloading..or at least reduce it.

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Research question: What are the ways to get illegal down loaders into discipline?

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