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Factors affecting international business in Asia

Doing business in Asia is a big challenge in these days because of some factors. But there is huge potential market in Asian countries.

Most of the Asian countries consisting higher population. Among them India, Bangladesh, China are the most targeted countries to do business. Though china is doing well with their domestic companies. But India and Bangladesh are the most targeted countries because of the huge population. There are more than hundred multinational companies in Bangladesh and more than that in India. And many marketers are still trying to enter the market in those countries. But the marketers are now facing some problems. The first problem is politics. There is a political instability in those countries therefore, the the marketers get commitment from one party but the agreement is not taken into account further when government changes. For this reason the marketers are afraid to invest in those countries. Secondly, economical condition is not so good in those countries. There is a handsome amount occupied by the certain businessmen therefore the money is no longer active in the market. And it is difficult to skim the money from the public by doing business because of the unpredictable monetary possession of the public. Finally, Governments of those countries are committed to the people to create employment opportunities. If the international companies do business then the people will not be employed as much as the unemployment rate exist. Therefore it sometimes protested to permission doing business in those countries. However, there is an another reason which is also pointed out here. The domestic companies are hiring highly professional employees to compete with international companies. They are trying to provide the same opportunities to the employed personnel and recruiting the local people as per the government instructions.But there is still a huge market place in those and other Asian countries.

Research question: What are the other ways to get the opportunity to enter in Asian countries?

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