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The Improvement of has to be speedy

In order to for OIBS to meet its goal, there have to be speedy improvement in the development of the website...

In order to for OIBS to meet its goal, there have to be speedy improvement in the development of the website. Everyone visiting working on the website should not have difficulties in exploring the website. The present problem experienced in the website is something that should be solved as soon as possible. It is very important for the website to be in good condition especially this period that many students are visiting the site and doing their internship in Most organisations might also be visiting during this period as well.

One of the motivational factors for student and organisations will be the state of the website that is if the website is easy to use, help facilities and other social activities features. First impression always matter in every business or project, so anyone who may be visiting for the first time may be having high expectations. So, the website has to be developed and improved as soon as possible.

There should be a separate forum where everyone can contribute to the development of the website. It should be a forum where everybody can give their suggestion on how the site should be improved and those important once can be implemented. This can be continues development process. All hands should be on deck to ensure the development of

Research question: How can massidea website be developed on time in order to allow easy content creation?

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This site could inhibit some more interesting and innovating ways to collect and promote good ideas. It could incorporate more graphical interfaces to the idea postings, more possibilities to follow interactions, more involvement from outside organizations (not just AMKs) and a better future for the ideas.

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