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Environment on threat in Asia

Environment on threat in Asian countries. Artificial creation,Unplanned Plants, Population and technological innovation are mostly liable for this.

Asian countries are fulfilled of natural resources. The nature and its beauty attract the people all over the world. The beautiful seasons in a year surprise the people in couple of times in a year. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The people get touched with these seasons in a year. It is really surprising. In other countries have other natural beautifications and India is most significant in this case.
But this kind of God gifted environment is under threat now. The countries are experiencing different kind of natural calamities these years that were not experienced so much ever before. Climate is also changing without following schedule of the climate that seen in a country.
And all of these are happened because of unplanned creations, power plants and huge population. The government is tired to keep the balance on environment. The developed countries are not considering these factors. Greenhouse effect is one of the responsible cause here besides the developed countries are doing their business by producing the products in those countries to save their own. They are having cheap labor cost and saving their own country as well. The rejected ships and other heavy and poisoned elements are sold and processed to the Asian countries. Therefore the countries´ businessmen are taking this opportunity to do business in home country but they do not consider the environment.
Therefore unexpected disasters are happening like, Tsunami, Sidr, Nargis and different kind of cyclones.

Research question: How long do we have to wait for the initiative action plans?

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