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What about the development project named infrastructure

The developed countries are now busy with their infrastructural project. Middle east countries are more highlighted in this project.

The framework of communication networks, health centres, administration, and power supply necessary for economic development. Geographers and economists do not agree over the extent to which this underlying structure, also known as social overhead capital, should be provided before development takes place, and politicians argue over whether the state, the private sector, or both, should provide the infrastructure.
The world is running after this project. This is like a business competition in the world market. London, Paris, France and Italy are famous with their attractive and old buildings and infrastructures. They are attracting billion people each year as tourist.It helps to increase their economy.
Now days the middle east countries are growing up with the new technological architectural constructions. Dubai is one of the fast growing city in the world. In last decades Dubai has developed luxurious residence facilities, shopping mall, hotels, health centers and other infrastructures in the city. One of their new projects consist of the rotate tower. Other countries are also doing well in this project.

Research question: Does this project make any sense or only to attract the tourist?

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