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How companies could make fortune from the machine to clean greenhouse gases

A team of scientists in the US has claimed to have invented a machine that can suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere...

A team of scientists in the US has claimed to have invented a machine that can suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They have planned to build a prototype which could capture one tonne of carbon dioxide from the air every day. A British Industrialist, Sir Richard Branson has decided to give 12.6 million pounds to anyone who makes this a reality. (Mail Online). However, the device is cost 100,000 pounds according to Global Research Technology. (Mail Online).
Each of the intended device to be built will be up to the size of a ship container and would have to be produced in their millions to soak to be able to remove human emitted carbon.

The issue of what will happen to the emitted captured carbon dioxide had also surfaced. But there is already a possible solution to this problem. A newly discovered property of absorbent plastic sheets known as ‘ion exchange membranes’ used to purify water could be used.

Private and public sectors in Finland can take advantage of this opportunity to build this kind of machine that could sock carbon dioxide from the air. The technology can be a result to huge revenue for the nation in many forms. Finland can reach its emission target with this technology. Also, companies can also reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and have a carbon credit for the carbon market. The export of this technology can be very profitable too.

Finland can even make other machine that can absorb other greenhouse gases. With all these technology put together, a company emitting green house gases by its industrial process can capture all the gases with the device. This could result to the company’s zero emission.

In disposing the gases, they could be reacted with some solid elements to form a solid compound that can be reused in the solid mineral processing industry. This will be in the form of recycling – further emission in those industries can also be captured, reacted and reused.

Opportunity: National and company income generation and meeting carbon reduction target

Threat: Consistency in a situation of failure and highly capital intensive

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