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Competitive advantages increase customers´ value

The marketers look for the competitive advantages in the market to enter.

The customers are said to be the king in the business world. And competitive advantages open the door of opportunities for the potential marketers in the market. The marketers have the potentiality in the market where competitive advantages are higher. Because the market has the possibility to be expanded in the near future. The business depends on some factors including economical, political, environmental and most important competitive advantages. Therefore the marketers in these days give emphasize on competitive advantages because it helps to make long term decision. The marketers can think for the long time about the establishment of the business.
However, in this case customers value increase more and more. Because the customers enjoy the alternatives at the same time due to existence of the many businesses. It is apparently when a new business enters the customers are considered to be their potential resources and this concept also increases the value of the customers. The customers can get advantages to make their preferable purchase decision.

Research question: Why customers´ value is important?

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