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The public organizations are not doing well in Asia

The government operated organizations are not doing very well compare to the private organizations.

Most of the Asian countries are followed with democracy concept in the politics. Therefore the governments of those countries are to take the responsibilities to serve the common people by providing quality and affordable services. The government means people therefore the organizations whether manufacturing or service operated by the state are committed to the people. But unfortunately the organizations are not doing well from last two decades.
The public are not being served in accordance with the government commitment. Service quality is found poor in some countries. The people are to wait for long time to get service from most important organization medical. Public are supposed to be served in either free or cheap rate. On the other hand the private organizations are doing very good job. The public are now depending on the private organizations.
And all of the lacking found because of the poor monitoring system by the government body and pressure from the capitalist.'
But this is not good at all for those countries. The people are being charged as they are determining where it is pointed out that income level is not as good as the demand of the capitalist. There is another problem that multinational companies are entering due to globalization concept to do their business. And apparently they are grabbing the market.
The government should take any action for this. Otherwise the public will be bound to listen to the businessmen as they do in near future. The state organizations are losing market share.

Research question: What are the considering initiatives governments can take to get back the public market?

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