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Many so called “democratic countries” in the world are yet to be demonstrating democratic character in their system...

Many so called “democratic countries” in the world are yet to be demonstrating democratic character in their system. This is more pronounced in their electoral system where the people’s will are subverted.

Democracy is suppose to be a government by the people, for the people and to the people; but this it has become a government of one man or a particular group calling them self a political party. This kind of situation is more rampant in the developing nations with young democracy. These countries have at a time experienced military rule or dictatorship before the birth of democracy. But what becomes the situation after a democratic civilian government has been installed? Simple! They turn against the people that elected them into office.

In most cases, the citizen of such country will be frustrated as they are denied the dividend of democracy and the situation is made worse by the seizure of power by such government. This is very undemocratic. They seize power either by continues extension of their tenure or by rigging elections.

The beautiful thing about a true democracy is the opportunity the electorates have to change any elected person who is not delivering. This is supposed to be peacefully done through elections. But this is not the case some countries.

There should be an international court that will be presiding over electoral malpractice cases, just like the genocidal cases. The actualization of this kind of process could be very slim because many that are responsible for this injustice are also part of those that can make this decision. So, the way might seem close when solutions are viewed from that angle. But there should be other ways this ugly situation can be arrested. What could be the solution?

Research question: What global action should be taken to ensure credible elections in the flawed democratic states?

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