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I have recently done a course that an idea of a student in the course gave me some exposure about heat pump.

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I have recently done a course that an idea of a student in the course gave me some exposure about heat pump. Although I don’t really have detail knowledge of heat pumps, but I remember some basic things we discussed in that course which I perceive could be useful in the technology of power generation.
Heat pump is a device that moves heat from one location to another, using mechanical means. Most heat pump technology are able to move heart from a low temperature heat source to a higher temperature heat sink. Don’t ask me the mechanism behind this, because I cannot tell for now.

But according to my understanding, there are some of these heat pump devices that are installed in such a way that they are powered with little energy and they latter gain more energy from the ground source or the air. In order word, they are energy saving because they just use little energy to generate more energy. Even this is possible during the winter time that the temperature can be very low. I also understand that part of the system is dug in the ground during winter time, so that heat can be gotten from the ground. The system is also sensitive to temperature as regulate according to the temperature of its heat source.

I have thought that this system could be used to generate power in warm countries where by a little stimulating power can be use to generate more power. However this could be a long wait if this will be possible. However, if this is possible a great energy crisis will be solved in many Africa countries. This could also be a huge revenue generation for the inventor of the system.

Opportunity: Economy growth and companies' income generation

Threat: competitors

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