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Parents try to get good salaries and therefore they work long days and then children are alone too much

The problem with families is that parents have not time enough to their children: some parents want to earn huge salaries and they work very long days.

The society is unbalanced: some people are paid huge salaries and they work very long days. At the same time unemployment is at least 10-20% in many European countries. For example in Finland are a lot of children who must be long times alone after school, because their parents work so hard. Many consider that there is no any other possibilities to live. However in my opinion there are very many different possibilities, too. I think making money is not the most important thing in life. I believe that many mothers and fathers would want to do part-time work (for example 4-6 hours per day or 3-4 days per week). In this way they would have more time with their children and their own hobbies. Moreover, this could be a solution to decrease unemployment. It is also a possible way to avoid work-related stress. Stress has negative effects on our health and it causes many kinds of problems (alcoholism, mental illness for example) within to families and hole society. Therefore it is important to avoid being busy all the times. We must remember the more efficient we try to be, the more tired we can become.
It is important to support families to choose part-time work at least then they have little children. The salaries are lower but a level of living can be much higher because parents have more time to spend with their children and theirselves, too.
It also very important to employers to have motivated and active employees. If employees have interested and no-stress work they could work more efficiently. In addition by sharing work it is possible to decrease unemployment.

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Research question: How society could activate to families to choose part-time work?

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