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Laurea’s Active Life Village is looking for ways to expand their living lab operations to full scale innovation platform

Current living lab activities are now focusing on CaringTV – Interactive TV to elderly people. Good results with CaringTV are encouraging to expand larger scale co-creation activities with professionals, students and elderly people.

Active Life Village now already has a small living lab focusing on CaringTV. CaringTV is one good result which has so far been produced at Active Life Village. The experience through CaringTV is beneficial.

The Active Life Village building is now pretty crowded, there is presently not much space. Later on there will be the new building. Due to the economic depression, one does not know now when exactly this new building can be built.

Definition of Living Lab: laboratory which involves human beings, for instance also elderly people. These human beings/ people participate in the process of generating the innovation. But they do not live at the living lab, they live at home.

The professionals in the living lab come up together with the elderly people what their goals are, and develop according to those. Elderly people are utilized in planning the innovative ideas. Later on there could be also flats for elderly people close by attached to the living lab.

“Fab Lab” (?!) is a network of laboratories which is mainly related to tangible products, Laurea is interested in the Fab Lab concept but actually deals with people, with services for people.

Laurea is too small to work on the living lab all alone, it needs cooperation partners, meaning companies.

Research says that we need a systemic approach. That is one problem with CaringTV, there was too little systemic research on CaringTV, for instance on why has CaringTV not been distributed faster in Finnish society. One reason might be that it is due to our cooperation partner who provides the technical device for a too high price. One has to look at the whole service holistically.

In the Finnish system, it works so, that the municipalities provide the gadgets, the devices, for the elderly because then in the end because of the efficient CaringTV services the municipalities would save money. But the new technology is too expensive now, so municipalities cannot afford to buy the devices. There is a marketing problem.

Elderly know how to use TV, it is easy for them. That is why the use of CaringTV via their own TV seems to be easy for the elderly.

Students of very different study backgrounds are present at Otaniemi campus and close by. They could all participate in the living lab.

Companies can be involved in the platform work.

At Active Life Village there is the possibility for students, especially Master students (mature enough) to develop business ideas.

Background information on school system in Finland (see also flip chart NO 2): There is also the possibility to do the PhD when working at Laurea in cooperation with university. Social innovation at Laurea goes hand in hand with entrepreneurial activities of a student (when looking at the study path from Bachelor to Master degree).

Active Life Village also hosted senior training, a concept which was originally developed in Germany. Senior training means that younger elderly people are trained in supporting older elderly people.

A similar concept to senior training from another Scandinavian country focuses on the empowerment of elderly people.

The new product development approach has been applied on CaringTV.

Japanese might have new approaches and ideas, and Laurea could be client gatekeepers. That is good for Laurea. Finnish companies still need to be more attracted.

The strength of the Active Life living lab is Laurea’s focus on ethical considerations concerning the wellbeing of the elderly or other groups which participate in the lab.

One should keep in mind that Laurea is a school and does not want to make business out of the innovation. It instead wants students to kick off their own business idea.

Research question: How to expand living lab as full scale collaboration innovation platform?

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Especially during weekends many official buildings are empty. On off-hours these buildings could be transformed as living lab to boost co-innovation and co-creation between professionals, students and elderly people.

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