is a good tool to stimulate collaboration before, during and after conferences and other events brings complimentary insights together and boosts creativity by intelligently connecting people and their insights. Especially scientific conferences which are typically limited to face-to-face interaction and linear content format could expa

What is the idea

Massinnovation occurs when wide range of people and their different but complimentary insights are brought together and novel ideas generated by thinking outside the box are generated. ( is an open innovation community for sharing challenges, ideas and visions. It boosts individual and communal creativity by intelligently connecting people and their insights.

Since in people’s posts (i.e. insights) are accumulating users knowledge portfolio, it helps them to build their collaboration network based on their insights and promote their expertise to others. When combing these individual persons and their insights as groups such as scientific conference, interaction before, during and after the conference is possible.

Why idea might work

Especially scientific and other academic oriented conferences are mainly relying on face-to-face interaction. This limits the collaboration since the interaction is restricted to conference members and small groups during the conference days. This traditional process is also founded on linear content production and usage process (i.e. process does not include interaction). Following linear process results most likely results expected findings. However, the possibility to discover unexpected findings increases when following non-linear and interactive content reading processes. Unexpected findings have been identified as important tool to generate novel innovations.

Who is idea aimed for

This idea should interest especially scientific conference organizers (or other written document based events) and the participants on those events. Majority of the required content are anyway created, so there is limited extra work to exploit this possibility. is free of charge so there is no extra cost to run it.

Where idea can be used?

Implementing this idea in practice expand the events from physical world to digital online environment. Even a very local event can therefore have a global audience. The automated translation tools in also enable the usage of mother tongue. This lowers the barrier to interact with global audience.

When idea can be used?

Before event. Using should start well in advance before actual conference days. The main idea is to start collaboration and group building preferably weeks before the event. As a result, when the conference members are entering to conference venue, they are already familiar with those members who are interested same issues. Since the collaboration is based on people’s insights and linkages (even unexpected) between insights, this helps building up the right network.

During event. will act also as tool to collect insights during the conference presentations. Typical academic format includes 15 to 25 minutes presentation time and then few minutes to couple of questions. With the help of participants are able give comments during the presentation. Now not only the session participants, but also other conference members and rest of the world are able “hear” what questions the topic raised. Also if questions are raised before session, the person giving presentation can note them during the presentation. This process also enables kind of simultaneously participation to multiple sessions, which is impossible in face-to-face based operating model.

After event. All the insights, comments and users profiles can be used as networking interface after the event. Since collects different topics including both academic and practical insights this also links one event to the rest of the world.

If you want to know more about the possibilities to use in your own conference, you can contact author.

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