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ACSI10c4 case 4

Introducing a unique,visioning process methodology which brings together tools, ideas, and concepts. This methodology also empowers individuals so that all team members can contribute to the outcome.

This thread/post describes the visioning process that emerges ass the ACSI case four team work together.

During todays session group four invented a unique methodology which brought together, in a new and exciting way, tools, ideas, and concepts from the experience of the team.

A broad outline of the methods and techniques used so far is as follows:

1) Forming of the team and initial brainstorming of ideas.

2) Immediate relaxation and reflection session and agreement of team member expectations, (some discussion on how the team will deal with the inevitable storming).

3) Knowledge mapping of individuals broad areas of experience, expertise, and aspirations.

4) Future-basing ideas used to further develop a shared vision and emotional attachment to the project (at an alternate venue) including
story telling be team members of how the project succeeded and how the team worked together.

5) Pictorial drawings created by team members and displayed on work room walls.

6) Formal presentation of the knowledge and data gained on the case so far.

These notes represent an early draft - further detail will be shared as the current case we are working on develops.

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Opportunity: 2010 our Future-base vision

Threat: failure to implement

Do you have ideas for this vision? or

This is a solution to
User image brings complimentary insights together and boosts creativity by intelligently connecting people and their insights. Especially scientific conferences which are typically limited to face-to-face interaction and linear content format could expa

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(30 Jun 2010)
Final comment tonight. For other readers outside ACSI camp it would more motivating to read your post if the headline is more selling. E.g. something like

\"Introducing a unique visioning process methodology which brings together tools, ideas, and concepts from the experience of the team\"

Then in the lead chapter if possible you should sum up the whole content. The lead paragraph together with headline should give short answers to the 5Ws questions (what, why, who, when and where). I know this might be difficult but helps readers to in few seconds to understand your thought.

Remeber in you are writing to global audience. Only author can edit the text so therefore I cannot do that.
(30 Jun 2010)
I am very pleased to see that you are now starting to use Here is a link to content creation guideline

It will help you to understand what different kind of content types are aimed for.

For example Vision of the future should concerns the future, not the present day. Therefore vision text should look at least 5 years ahead, but rather 10 to 15 year or even more.

To me your post is more like an idea (i.e. it is describing a good method to innovate). However, at the moment you cannot anymore change the content type.

Also if you can extend your post more and open up the method further, it is easier to understand by those users who were not able participate in the session.

Even greater would be if you can post your group\'s \"Future-basing ideas\" so we all can collaborate with your group.

(30 Jun 2010)
It would be great if author of this content could include this content to your groups campaing

Your groups home page is here

and here is your group\'s example campaing for first day

Since the number of contents are small, I think you could rename the campaign to somthing else.
Good session today - thoroughly enjoyed working towards a future success for the case and for ACSI.