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A “penalty goal” should be introduced in football

FIFA should consider a “penalty goal”as infringement.

FIFA have different infringement for erring players and football teams. There is one other infringement FIFA should consider – a “penalty goal”. This should be apply in a situation where it is very obvious that a player was to score a goal, but another player who is not a goal keeper in the opposing team clearly uses his hand to save the ball. Instead of a referee to give a penalty spot kick in this case, the situation should be called a goal. An infringement of a penalty spot kick and a red card might not payoff if the player taking the penalty misses it and the match latter turns to the favour of the erring team or player. A typical example the kind of match this situation has occurred is the recent world cup quarter final match between Ghana and Uruguay.

The goal that would have met history for Ghana and Africa getting its first qualification to a semifinal match of final world cup was saved by hand by a player who was not a goalkeeper. The player latter got a red card and a penalty was awarded to Ghana. The penalty was missed and Uruguay latter won the match on penalty shootout. After the match, the Uruguayan player was celebrated by the fan and team as a hero, which is not supposed to be. Anyway, I believe that it is possible for a player from the Ghana team to also do same the ball in the same way. So, this is the reason why FIFA should consider a “penalty goal”, if not, this kind of situation could happen in the future again. The Ghana team might even turn out to be the offender in this kind of situation in the future.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Solving the problem of obvious handball to denial a clear goal scoring opportunity

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