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Finnair should consider operating in West Africa

among Africa immigrants in Scandinavia countries, those from West Africa countries travel the most...

Presently, there is no airline from Scandinavian countries running West Africa routes. Before I started writing about this topic, I tried to search the internet to see if there are any airlines from Scandinavia countries plying Africa route. I found none. Perhaps if there are any, maybe I didn’t search enough.

There are a lot of immigrants from Africa in the Scandinavian countries. Many of these immigrants travels to their home countries almost every day. I have noticed that among all these Africa immigrants, those from Ghana and Nigeria travel the most. And, these two countries are situated in West Africa.

Why Finnair should consider operating in West Africa

Firstly, among Africa immigrants in Scandinavia countries, those from West Africa countries travel the most. The air-fare from Finland to West Africa is quite expensive, especially for students, even at that, most students still travel at least once in a year. I know of some students that will even be traveling to their home country the third time this year.

Secondly, West Africa is one of the most populous regions in West Africa and has the most populous country in Africa. I guess this is one of the reasons rate of migration of people from this part of Africa to the scandanavia countries are more. In Finland and other scandanavian countries, the rate of yearly foreign students from West Africa are more when compare to any other part of Africa region. And, this is going to continue.

Thirdly, the population of Nigerians in Europe as a whole is over 8 million. This is one of the reasons other European airline operating in Nigeria are really making it.

More on why Finnair should consider operating in West Africa will be elaborated as highlighted alighted

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Easy movement and transportation connections within Scandinavian countries.

Those who will get easy transit visa

Finnish embassy in Nigeria

China West Africa link and Chinese investment in Nigeria

West Africa investment in security and tourism

Foreign direct investment in Africa

Possibility of flying directly from other country Finnair operate

Travel agency in West Africa

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Less stress and cheap fare for those traveling from Scandinavian country to West Africa and more revenue for Finnair.

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