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Finland’s online learning improvement and upgrade

Another important reason to standardize all online courses in Finland is that it is open globally for participation...

The quality of online studies has to be generally improved in Finland. Since many of the online courses are equivalent to class room courses in degree programmes, all the courses have to meet up to the class room standard. However, there are many outstanding online courses in Finland, but, people that have only experience the substandard courses will not know this. So, it is important to make the whole online course to be of great standard.

Another important reason to standardize all online courses in Finland is that it is open globally for participation. This means that people all over the world can register and participate in the online course. So, anyone in other part of the world that takes a substandard course online might get a different picture of Finnish education. The image of Finnish education might be dented in other part of the world in this way. This is the reason something has to be done to improve the system.

Institution offering online courses in Finland should be given the resources and the privilege to run complete programmes online. This could be in the form of online post-graduate programmes or other certification. However, the system should be of great standard, not to give a negative image to others in other part of the world. In most countries, this kind of line learning system and certification already exist. Well, I am not very sure if this does already exist in Finland or if it is underway. But if not, it should be considered because there are a lot of advantages. This could also be a source of income for government and institutions.

In addition, different institution can join forces together to start certificates online programmes. This kind of system could make the whole process to be more efficient and be of high standard, as there will be enough resources, especially for most institutions that lack qualified instructors for post graduate students.

Research question: How should the University of Applied Sciences online courses be treated to meet international standard?

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