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A platform to promote good products and services

There are people who don’t really want to try a product or services without seeking information about the effectiveness of such product or services...

There are some persons who would want to know about some products or service before they take some decisions on any business transaction. Yes, it is not really difficult for most business owners out there to roll out misleading advert to promote their businesses to customers without the customers really knowing the true state of their product or services. But these businesses become more careful in representing financial issues or the state of their company to investors, because of the legal implication if they do otherwise.

There are some people who go about telling friends and relatives about their negative experiences with some companies so that their love once won’t fall in victim like them. However, there are most people who are silent over their negative experiences with some companies’ products or services. There are some who would have also wanted to go more public on warning people about some companies, but are afraid to take that action because of a possible legal implication.

There are people who don’t really want to try a product or services without seeking information about the effectiveness of such product or services. In some cases, some don’t find anybody to intimate them about experiences in using products. At the end of the day, they take the risk to try the product. Most times, a trial might turn out to be a contract binding for some period of time.

It will be nice for some social website to have a platform in their website where people can only tell about their positive experiences with some product and service. In this platform, only genuine and registered people can post any text. And there will be avoidance of negative comments about any products. The website will also be having terms and conditions that will also bind those registered to only post about their positive experiences. With this, anyone who wants to know about any positive testimony about some products or services might be lucking to find positive information and be happy to embracing the product.

There is could be some flaw in the website platform as some companies that don’t offer that good service might want to increase activities in such platform to promote their businesses. This is one of the challenges in sighting this kind of platform. There should be a solution to this kind of problem. Somebody out there might have a better idea on this issue or have a solution to this problem.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Real information about product and services before trial

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