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Why Facebook advertising is a go for all

Over the years the number of social media sites has tremendously increased. Sites that allowed people to share photos and engage in conversations socially have proved to be popular especially among the youth. Owing to this, I gave up on the traditional advertising platforms like TV and radio to embark on an intrusive social media campaign to advertise and promote my business. Facebook is no doubt among the most popular of the sites worldwide. With over 1.6 active users, I saw a big opportunity to reach a wider range of people. Facebook with no doubt proved to me that it is the best place for firms and business people looking to sell products and services.

Facebook advertising was of great interest to me as I have always wanted to know how effective it is over a given target audience. Facebook offers various means of advertising to their clients depending on the size of the business and the choice of the clients. Ranging from facilitating you with a call to action button on your page to images and videos compelling the audience to take a look at your services, Facebook gives you the most appropriate means to reach your target audience.

I used to be skeptical about the costs but later discovered that you can actually set your advertising plan. It really depends on your budget. Facebook offers a range of pricing because of the diverse nature of businesses worldwide. You can choose your budget from as low as €5. The client is then supposed to choose whether he wants to be charged per day or over a lifetime. Facebook never overcharges its clients. All of my Facebook advertising is really effective because Facebook optimizes my ads by ensuring the target audience is reached. This has made it easier for me to sell my products and services.

On the flipside, since adverts on facebook are open to feedback, I found it hard to manage some feedback since some users tend to be very abusive. Nonetheless I took every negative feedback with a open hand. All in all opting to advertise on facebook is a good venture and can make your business flourish when the right audience is reached.

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