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Attractive Choices for Perodua Cars

About Perodua

From the largest car manufacturer in South East Asia comes a range of attractive compact automobile options that meet the need for style, cost and mobility. The Malaysian company, Perodua has surprised many, regardless of poor market responses in some region, buy succeeding in every venture of innovation since their inception in 1992. It has since sold more than a million Perodua Cars, and sells more than a quarter of a million of them in its home country.

About the Cars

The Alza is one of the Perodua Cars that has six variations to the series, a kerb weight of 1.5 tonnes and a spacious interior, it is indeed an advancement in compact vehicles. The car fits seven people all together, and with a stylish aerofoil mini-SUV look, it competes with some of the top brands.

The Myvi is one of the most popular cars in South East Asia and Europe, a beautifully finished exterior for the five seater compact Perodua Car. It weighs about the same as the Alza, making it arguably more stable on the road.

The Viva have five seats, and brings a conservative look to style and convenience, being the lightest of the other variations, it is arguably the most efficient.

Taking Advantage of a Perodua Promotion

There are a number of promotions the company currently has, which offer a broad range of benefits from periodic price discounts to maintenance. The offers direct one to act on delivering the vehicles to approved service centers and getting genuine parts. One Perodua promotion actually targets graduates and offers great discounts with every purchase.

It can be a great way of saving on the short and long term. Using company promotions can also significantly add value in terms of warranty, and even free offers and after sales service. It is one of the company strategies that have made Perodua Cars a popular selection in South East Asia.

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