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Getting Good Sleep with Air Mattress


The secret to getting a good night’s sleep may just be hidden in choosing the ideal air mattress. I realized this when I had to relocate and settle on my own for the first time. The heavy sleeper that I am, it comes as no surprise that I would invest in getting a proper air mattress. Who does not love a good night’s sleep? The first place I looked to get more information on this type of mattresses was the internet. Going through reviews on which air mattress is the best air mattress 2016 gave incredible insight.

The similarity between the mattresses regardless of the brand is that the air is adjusted within the mattress, thus adjusting the firmness of the same depending on one’s requirements. I prefer to have a firm mattress, not those sloppy mattresses that feel like resting in a hammock (although resting in a hammock on the pristine beaches of Bahamas certainly sounds like a good idea at this point).

The type of pump in use also plays a key role if the numerous reviews are anything to go by. Typically, there are two types of pumps: built-in pumps and manual pumps. I settled for a mattress with a built-in pump for the sheer convenience of inflation at the press of a button. When I get home from work, having had a crazy day, the last thing I want to do is to have to pump air to inflate the mattress.

It is interesting to note that queen inflatable mattresses available in the market today have the option of dual chambers for those whose partners prefer firmness to a varying degree. For now, this will have to wait as ‘my Adam’ is yet to awake from deep slumber. Lastly, it is always important to check the warranty of the mattress: you never know when it will come in handy as I learned when my mattress started leaking. All in all, this is a great bargain for anyone who loves comfort and would not mind spending a little more.

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